Zehnder Photography - Architecture & Livestyle

“Architecture and life are the core areas of my work. On the one hand, these include dynamic images from the worlds of living, work and leisure and on the other hand, they comprise well-executed, classic architectural photography.” Remo Zehnder
Remo Zehnder

My aspiration is to create dynamic, thrilling and fascinating images in the fields of life, home, work, industry and advertising.

Where architectural and interior photography are concerned, I set great store by traditional, perfectly executed craftsmanship. I enjoy being in the thick of things with my camera but without drawing attention to myself.

I founded Zehnder Photography in 2004 immediately after graduating from the cap-Fotoschule (photography school) in Zurich.

Creativity, versatility and interacting closely with others were important to me in my previous career as a primary school teacher. They still influence me today.

Fully-charged camera batteries are crucial in my line of work. I boost my energy levels by engaging in Alpine sports.
Remo Zehnder

Remo Zehnder

«We’ve been working with Remo for many years and we value his obliging way of doing business, his pleasant character and professional results.»

Lydia Bauer-WalpenManager Communication - Swiss Post, PostLogistics

«Above all – working with Remo is very pleasant. Because it’s the right mix of professionalism, “the right chemistry” and lightness of touch.»

Denis JeitzinerZB Werbung AG